He said that people who weren’t into his ‘breakbeat’ style might like to try his Starship Troopers medley from the PC game instead.

He also said some personal things just to us. And his mobile phone number was in his email signature, probably because he wants us to text him photos of our genitals (we’ll do it tomorrow, as we’ll have to shave our pubes off tonight to make it look bigger).

The Richard Jacques Starship Troopers Medley [8.7MB]

It’s posh orchestral music, so don’t download it if you don’t like orchestral music. It’s 8.7MB which is a lot to download if you’re only going to disinterestedly listen to the first 20 seconds and think to yourself “this is shit” and then skip to Franz Ferdinand or Akon.

Orchestral music is stuff like the theme to Star Wars. You know, with violins and trumpets and shit. There are no rap words in it, so don’t bother.