Only it’s calling it the “Origami Project” so people think it’s really cool, like something from Apple.

To celebrate having the idea of putting a PC in a different kind of box, Microsoft has spent 150 million dollars on making a viral flash web site:

Yes. You’re that thing that’s going to be like a slow old PC in a different kind of box.

Yes. You’re going to be able to do all the things PCs can, only everything will be slightly harder because you won’t have a mouse.

Yes. We can go to wi-fi hotspots and wonder why no one ever sends us sexy messages on MSN.

Yes. We’ll be a bit more worried about being mugged than usual because you’re in our bag and you cost a lot of money.

Learn what processor you’ve got, how many USB2.0 sockets you’ve got and what version of Windows you use. Dying to meet you! xx