It’s the Hip-Hop Gaming League! The HHGL has even got Snoop Dogg involved, getting him to quite awkwardly read out some scripted lumps of dialogue about “playas” and “mo playas” coming together on Xbox Live.

You should check out the movie, it makes this look good.

Video Game Journalists, yesterday

This is the HHGL’s fictional representation of the video games media. This is quite possibly the most wrong thing we’ve ever seen. For a start, there’s girls there and no one is morbidly obese and avoiding eye contact by staring at their notepads.

They'd be raped to death in the queue to pick up the passes

E3 isn’t really like this at all. In fact, you could describe it as the “polar opposite”.

Too thin, too young, too female, too 'smiley'

Is she the new staff writer on, or a hired actress?

Respect the logos

If we were being cynical, we might suggest it’s all just a marketing circle-wank organised by companies with too much money to spend on targeting imaginary demographics.


Next week is “Sprite Draft Week”.


The entire video disaster can be seen here. We sort of stole this link from Spong, but only because they said we should “do something on it”.