So yesterday, popular European discount etailer sent out a press release to the world about its PS3 pre-ordering campaign. It boasted it would be able to fulfill all of its PS3 pre-orders and that it’d be taking pre-orders until its stock is taken.

Today, it still has PS3s for sale. It will be able to fulfill its pre-orders because it clearly hasn’t taken more than three, despite telling everyone it had “overwhelming numbers” of orders. That was just a lie then, in keeping with the general lie-about-everything PS3 grand scheme.

Play - we still have a huge unsold pile of PS3s

Whoops. Maybe it’s the ridiculous bundle, maybe it’s that one of the bundled games is Genji, or maybe it’s no one caring about Sony’s over-priced and unwanted “HD” shitbox. BRING ON MARCH 23. WE ARE NOT AFRAID ANY MORE.

With thanks to Kevin, who sent us the following quite entertaining email last night pointing all this out:

So when I bought a Wii it involved rapidly refreshing at 9am and using my uni’s huge bandwith to press f5 fast enough to bring a lady elephant to orgasm before they all sold out.’s been selling their launch allocation of PS3s and are stopping when they run out. I first checked at 12:30pm and as of now (9:30pm) they’re still in stock.

Ho ho.