These are the weird things Sonic has been spotted doing recently. We’ve been saving some of these for nearly a year, although, looking at them now, it wasn’t particularly worthwhile.

Do do do do-do-do (Starlight Zone)

Sonic was spotted fronting a back street karaoke bar in Japan.

Copyright theft

“Hey, this is from a health food store window in London, Ontario, in Canada. You guys rejected my request on Xbox Live but you must get a lot anyways. But I’ll let you know once I get my Live account up and running again. Hope you like the pic.”

This is Sonic, spotted breakdancing at the French ‘Micromania Game Show’. It will be taken off YouTube by the time you read this, as that’s what always happens.

These are of Sonic, spotted endorsing a Meccano rip-off building contest in Stockholm! Thanks for the photos, man from Stockholm.

Some nice Sonic graffiti, upon which a heartless vandal has drawn on a very small penis.


This final photo of Sonic and his bitches concludes today’s list of weird things Sonic has been spotted doing recently. Chicks are hot for animals that are into Meccano and breakdancing, apparently.