There’s no point saving this lot until tomorrow. Let’s go UPDATE CRAZY and make today an extra special double-day. There is no need to thank us for this extra four minutes of effort.

Go! Nowhere!

These photos are called “Go! Messenger” so must be about some sort of PSP messaging service Sony announced to try and grab some headlines last year. It may or may not have actually come out and gone on sale. It’s doubtful if anyone at Sony even knows if this came out or not.

Go! Away!

It’s transsexual Lucy Liu again. Messaging her extremely attractive boyfriend. We will have literally zero chance with the real Lucy Liu as her boyfriend’s going to be even cooler than that one. How disappointing. We will have to go back to thinking about Carol Vorderman during sex again.

Go! Into Financial Ruin!

And so concludes our exciting voyage through the hearts and minds of Sony’s German publicity department.