Dear SEGA. How come we have not got one of these? You know we’re mad for this kind of shit, especially if it lights up. A SEGA thing that LIGHTS UP! How come we have to hear about it from someone else? That’s what hurts the most.

A seemingly ordinary pen...

“I just got back from a gaming conference, and everyone’s grab bag included this fine SEGA-branded pen. This by itself is clearly exciting enough to notify UKR, but then I discovered the mysterious button on the side of the pen.”


“When you press it, the top of the pen lights up and projects a SEGA logo!!!”


“I spent the rest of my day projecting it on various objects and people (pictures included).”


“When it gets dark I fully plan to go outside and attempt using it like the Bat-signal.”


“With luck it will summon Yu Suzuki who will bring me a copy of OutRun 3 and a plate of cookies. Or alternatively, it will attract homeless people. Cheers – Colin.”