This is something that’s been bothering us for quite a while now. We remember reading a quote by Shigeru Miyamoto about how Super Mario World was ONLY possible on the Super NES and being rather skeptical. While there actually are some bits of it that can’t be done on the NES (the boss fights, that huge Bullet Bill in the very first level that comes in and scares the shit out of you), his example was simply a disgusting case of passive-aggressive SEGA-HATING: (taken from hint book/Nintendo propaganda booklet “Mario Mania”)

Maybe we should have set this to JPEG compression level 7 or 8 instead of 6
Yes, whatever you say, Shiggy. We’d like to introduce you all to this- a homemade port of Super Mario World to the NES made by some enterprising Asian hackers:

Quite impressive, if lacking polishIt is, sadly, the only NES game we really like, as we don’t have the attention span for things like Contra or Rad Racer. This has caused a life-long alienation from internet forums where people sit around and talk about how great the NES is/was.

The game itself is very impressive, and enjoyable to play:

Always liked the squinty-eyed blocks

Even if there are parts where you get stuck and have to reset.

Look, there’s Yoshi! Ready for mounting.



We have just jumped

BAM! And we’re off!

Always liked the boxy design of those mountains

Shit. It’s hard to take screenshots and control a semi-buggy NES game at the same time.

So that’s it- Yoshi does everything he does in the SNES version; eat berries and enemies and spit fireballs. When you get hit he doesn’t run away as fast, which is fine with us because his “running away” animation in the SNES version always made us think Yoshi was running to the nearest bottomless pit to commit suicide or something and made us feel uncomfortable.

So much for believing you, Shiggy!

The funny pictures are BACK