OK, OK, you can stop emailing about it. Here it is. Here she is. Here THEY are. A full 36-hours too late, but here all the same. It’s Gemma Atkinson doing a bit of acting for Red Alert 3. They dressed her up for it. That top will have been custom made to contain all of her.

Gemma, doing serious

She’s doing some ACTING. She’s doing serious. The sort of look she imagines a high-ranking female military official would have on her face, were she just about to order a full nuclear strike on an enemy populace.

Cleavage non-alert

Terrible photography. Once again, we are forced to raid the UKR personal Gemma Archive, and are happy to provide a vastly superior Gemma photo for your pleasure.

Gemma Atkinson desktops, for Google

They provided a couple of desktop images.

Gemma Atkinson desktops, for Google

They are better, but still not what we’d ideally like.


  • Lube
  • Three cocks
  • Tears