Our European cousins, for so long under the evil Sony cosh, have united as one and OUSTED THE TYRANNY OF EVIL from their glorious lands! No longer are they blindly paying the equivalent RRP of £299 for a shite console based around making films look marginally better than before if you sit near the screen.

Or, to put it sensibly so today’s news-aggregating-media outlets can understand after a two-second scan of the facts, Microsoft has just said Xbox 360 is outselling PS3 in France, Spain and Italy. Here’s a link to Eurogamer saying it, as you’re more likely to believe stuff on Eurogamer than on here, AREN’T YOU?

Cheerily hum the Dad's Army theme tune all weekend

Expect future Sony press releases to concentrate on the performance of the “PlayStation Family” in Denmark during 2008, relative to the performance of the “PlayStation Family” in Denmark during the 1970s.