Sony’s sent out some new images of Home, the cumbersome 3D PC avatar system from 1998 it mistakenly thinks people will give a toss about. It is grim.

As depressing as a motorway service station at 4.25am when the arcade is closed and the restaurant has sold out of chips. And a cup of tea is £3.99 and it’s 20p to use the toilet.

Imagine a new-build city centre flat. You bought it in May of 2007 for £249,000 with a 100% mortgage. It’s currently worth £169,000. The laminate is already starting to come up. The taps are broken. The ground rent is an additional £1500 a year no one mentioned at the time. That’s PlayStation Home.

Abandoned film set. Three stuntmen died in an accident and shooting was cancelled.

Decaying future world after the ‘Great War’.


A seven-hour trek around Homebase with the wife to look at – BUT NOT BUY – new kinds of taps.

As empty and bleak as the hearts of the few PS3 owners that will pretend to be excited by this. THE HORROR. THE HORROR.