At least 10 people have mailed this in over the last month. AT LEAST. So here it is. A soulless municipal public service update about Michael Jackson’s gaming memorabilia going up for auction. The full catalogue is here for the benefit of those of you who haven’t already seen it and sent us a link to it.

He either (a) knew his stuff, (b) had people that knew their stuff, or (c) had a standing order for one of everything new.

He had everything. Virtua Racing, Crazy Taxi, Dreamcasts, Mega Drive display pods, a Lara Croft statue that’s DEFINITELY been ejaculated over, pinball machines. Everything.

He even had a Saturn! $100 for a SEGA Saturn demo pod is a DEAL. The auctioneers will get a shock when this goes for $25k.

And he had Mega Touch Maxx Ruby Edition.