Glen is still alive. At least one person with access to the UKR Hotmail account is still alive. So IT CONTINUES. It’s going to stop after this, though. We can take a lot of punishment, but this is getting brutal.

“In the spirit of the experimental nature of this thing, I’m going to take it in a new direction today. So here’s a photo of my reply to Ben’s photo of him giving the finger to my photo of a photo of this site. (I’m giving a friendly wave back to Ben). I’m pretty sure a whole new way of communication has just been invented! It’s as convoluted and unnecessary as wearing top hats and tipping them to each other. At long last bringing digital technology into the Victorian age.”

“So as not to alienate the core fans of the original project I have also included a photo of my photo of my photo of my photo of your site. While the tenuous connection linking this to Sonic slips perilously close to breaking point I will endeavour to push on until it snaps. Tension is mounting though as my camera battery is running low and there’s some doubt over whether I can be bothered recharging it” – Glen.

OK, that’s it. Glen, we’re pulling you out before you take any more damaging blows to the brain. No more. Thanks.