In San Francisco? In need of a large amount of office space in a street that looks to be in a pretty “affordable” part of town? Don’t get too excited – it looks like someone’s already nicked the sign, unless it’s just been Photoshopped off the estate agent listing.


“I was in San Francisco earlier in the month on my way to a friend’s place, when I just happened to pass by the Sega of America building. I figured I’d try doing that “progressively getting closer to the focus of the image” thing you seem to like a lot.”


“The security is pretty tight; presumably to prevent people like me from coming in and asking them to make GOOD GAMES AGAIN. I doubt the overweight hipster secretary in the front even knows what VF5R is, since she’s too busy watching the latest Michael Jackson tribute videos on Youtube via her iPhone.”


“Just slightly ironic that Sega’s being advertised as AVAILABLE, when in fact they’ve never listened to their fans about anything ever.”


“Obligatory ‘I don’t know how to take pictures’ angle, complete with view obstructed by power lines.”


“It’s a sad day when the skies over Sega start to turn gray. I guess I’ll just cry myself to sleep tonight and wake up to swirls on carpets tomorrow- without Shenmue 3, VF5R, or a decent 3D Sonic game” -Alex.