This is what SEGA Racing Classic is, according to proper facts found by the legend.

“Sega Racing Classic is a revamped version of Sega’s smash hit Daytona USA, featuring the original tracks and heart pumping action with all new high definition graphics. The game runs on the Sega Ringwide hardware, with the stunning graphics displayed on a 32″ Widescreen LCD.

-32” Hi-Def LCD Widescreen
-1280 x 720 Resolution
-Force Feedback Steering
-Link up to 4 Cabinets
-Eye Catching Cabinet
-New Billboard Leader Display
-Color changing LED Cabinet lights
-Classic Gameplay

The only problem with this is SEGA calling its new arcade hardware “Ringwide”. How on earth did that decision get past the numerous layers of¬†bureaucracy? WHY DID NO ONE SPEAK UP?


The cabinet image is hosted here. We’ve tried randomly changing it to different numbers to see if there are any proper screenshots, but nothing of interest comes up. If anyone fancies a little job for the rest of the evening, please, feel free. Looks like there’s 6000 to go through. We’ve done 6100 – 6130. Wouldn’t mind a go on 6127.


UPDATE: “Constable London” has covered off 2739 so don’t bother with that one.