So we might as well give it to him, in the name of maintaining positive consumer relations – even though one of them’s about Mario and another one of them’s about Final Fantasy AND we don’t even make $0.02 each time you buy one.


“We are an upcoming video game t-shirt brand comprised of graphic designer game super geeks! Our t-shirts are 100% original, professionally designed and screen printed. Our t-shirts delve a little deeper than the thousands of others out there, we get the need for gamers to represent but also the need for subtlety.”


“I would grateful if you could feature us on UK:RESISTANCE, being a British based site I think it would sit well. I have attached a few examples of our shirts” – Dean.


Thanks, Dean. If by any chance you sell 1000 t-shirts today, can we have a cut to buy a cup of coffee and a sandwich with? Only a cheap sandwich, nothing fancy from Pret. An egg mayo from Greggs would be a huge treat.