Not sure we agree with the vintage classification chosen by the submitter, as that would mean we’re technically also vintage. On the plus side, it might mean we finally qualify for having a woman come round on Mondays with seven frozen dinners to last us the whole week, which would enable MORE TIME ON THE INTERNET.

What’s this week’s pudding, Janet?

sega advert scans 1

“Here’s a couple/three scans I took from a stack of old comics from the 80’s and 90’s. As they are SEGA, you’ll do a better job than I at posting them in an ‘amusing’ fashion.”

sega advert scans 2

“I have nothing at all interesting to say about them. I apologise for the lack of sexual imagery or narcotic references. I apologise that they refer to the little known ‘Genesis’ Console, whatever that was” – Dr H.

sega advert scans 3

It’s reached a point where we also have nothing interesting to say about them either. We could relay the anecdote about going into WHSmith every lunch time to feel the box of Streets of Rage but never actually buying it and then being retrospectively happy about that when we played it on the Mega CD compilation several years later and realised that it wasn’t very good anyway (The End), but that’s not exactly a dinner party classic.