One of our semi-regular, globe-trotting contributors who’s sent in sightings of exotic batteries from at least three of the globe’s corners, has recently stopped off in Dubai – where he visited the mighty SEGA Republic.

He didn’t provide much in the way of commentary.

sega republic revisitied 1

“Apologies in advance if this was already sent in by someone else ages ago. An otherwise dull stop in at Dubai, but I discovered a SEGA Republic at one of the big malls.”

sega republic revisitied 2

“Hope the pictures are worth the three euros I had to spend to just get in. PS: I skipped over the batteries because I thought you were done with that :(” – KEXP.

sega republic revisitied 3

At least SEGA has hit upon a new money-making scheme – charging people to get into a place. Then it doesn’t matter how miserable and empty it is inside.

sega republic revisitied 4

Photos taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01.

sega republic revisitied 5

This photo taken while looking up.

sega republic revisitied 6

He then walked around and took this one. It really is like being there, and we didn’t even have to spend three euros to enjoy this virtual tour.

sega republic revisitied 7

And let’s end on a low note.