Not sure who that’s according to. Also not sure if Sonic has been turned black on purpose in an attempt at disguising him, or if it’s the result of poor lighting conditions, cheap print reproduction on the box and the submitter using an iPhone – creating a bad photograph ‘perfect storm’.


“WARNING! this email contains horrible counterfeit graphic usage of Sonic (and Tails) and the Dreamcast spiral!”


“Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. I present you KONTORLAND. Here you
can see it is being marketed as THE BEST VIDEO GAME SYSTEM, with appearances from Sonic and Tails.”


“But here’s the ugly truth. This machine is what we label here as an ‘underpass console’. They use grotesque yellow cartridges and are mostly sold at public underpasses, the last hope of videogaming for the ghetto kids because daddy’s bringing a PlayStation home.”


“Oh no, wait. its a Kontorland! And a 999999999999 in 1 game cartridge! (still beats PlayStation though)”


“Also the spiral like symbolism on the logo cannot go unnoticed. it surely challenges the limits of our imagination. Peace” – Ant.